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Attachment Issues / Personality Disorder

Session 221: Enhancing EMDR Therapy Through a Mentalizing and Secure-Based Approach

Session 223: Using the DNMS to Prepare Attachment-Wounded Clients for EMDR

Session 231: The I––Gaze Interweave for Attachment Repair in EMDR Therapy

Case Conceptualization

Session 124: Moral Trauma & Injury Through the Lens of AIP

Children / Adolescents

Session 132: Engaging Teen's Protective Parts to Reprocess Traumatic Memories

Session 232: Play Therapy-Supported EMDR for Culturally Based Trauma in Adoption

Chronic Illness/Medical Issues / Somatics

Session 331: Healing Multiple Chemical Sensitivity and Long Covid

Clinical Dilemmas

Session 123: Primary Prevention: Utilizing EMDR During Pregnancy

Session 236: Using EMDR to Confront Therapeutic Avoidance in Clients and in Ourselves

Depression, Grief & Mourning

Session 235: Utilization of EMDR Therapy with Grief and Mourning

Dissociation / Complex Trauma

Session 122: Treating Religious and Spiritual Trauma with EMDR

Session 131: EMDR Stabilization, Dissociation Treatment, and the Animal-Human Bond

Diversity / Equity / Inclusion

Session 121: Caught Between Cultures: EMDR with Bicultural Clients with Complex Trauma

Session 234: Healing Through Liberation: EMDR Therapy as an Anti-Oppression Therapy Model

Session 323: Delivering EMDR Within Culturally-Sensitive Contexts

Session 333: Treating Oppression Trauma with EMDR Therapy: But first, our own work!

Family / Parenting

Session 322: EMDR in the Perinatal Period

Models / Theory

Session 332: EMDR Group - Go Beyond Recent Events & Integrate with Other Models


Session 134: Neurodiversity-Affirming EMDR Practice with Autism and ADHD

Session 222: Inside-Out & Bottom-Up - Integrating Neuroscience, EMDR, & Play Therapy

Session 321: How to Embrace Neurodiversity - Case Conceptualize Neurodivergence with AIP


Session 225: EMDR Therapy in a New Paradigm: A Transpersonal Approach

Techniques / Strategies

Session 133: Developments in the Flash Technique: An Advance in EMDR Processing

Session 226: Polyvagal Informed Interventions for Resourcing and Reprocessing

Session 233: Practical Applications of the Polyvagal Theory in EMDR Therapy

Session 334: EMDR and the Human Animal Bond: Ways Our Four-Legged Friends Help Us Heal

War / Terrorism / Refugees / Torture

Session 324: Interrupting and Healing Trans-generational Wounding with EMDR Therapy