Carol Logan, Ph.D.


Carol Logan, Ph.D., has been a Police Psychologist for 30 years at both the Colorado Springs and the Austin Police Departments, using EMDR since 1995. In addition to her clinical work she has conducted 2 major research studies examining the use of EMDR with a police population. She has secondary employment as an executive coach for 20 years working with executives from numerous Fortune 500 companies. Her teaching experience has included her position as a tenure-track faculty member in Counseling Psychology at the University of Iowa and she is certified as a Sports Psychologist by the National Institute of Sports.


Session 212: Delivery of EMDR in a Metropolitan Police Department: A Pilot Program

Presented by Christie Sprowls, Psy.D., Carol Logan, Ph.D., Genaro Sandoval, LCDC, Peggy Brewer-Dowling, Ph.D. in Intermediate at 11:00 AM on Sunday, September 27th.

Session Description: There is currently an urgent situation within our nation’s police force: police officers are suffering increased psychological symptoms and sometimes suicidal risk. At the same time, there is a rising public outcry against police ‘excessive use of force’, or ‘police brutality‘. Recent groundbreaking research in neurobiology illuminates the root cause of this crisis.…