Christie Sprowls, Psy.D.


Christy Sprowls, Psy.D., is a board-licensed Psychologist in the state of Texas and has practiced as a psychologist and therapist in Austin, Texas since 1987. During this time she has served as the Clinical Director for St. David’s Medical Centers Adult and Adolescent Psychiatric Services, and has been an Adjunct Professor, International Trainer and Executive, Personal and Work-Life balance Coach. Dr. Sprowls is also a trainer for the EMDR Institute Humanitarian Assistance Program and has conducted trainings since 1994. Most often, she is called to disaster sites for this work.


Session 212: Delivery of EMDR in a Metropolitan Police Department: A Pilot Program

Presented by Christie Sprowls, Psy.D., Carol Logan, Ph.D., Genaro Sandoval, LCDC, Peggy Brewer-Dowling, Ph.D. in Intermediate at 11:00 AM on Sunday, September 27th.

Session Description: There is currently an urgent situation within our nation’s police force: police officers are suffering increased psychological symptoms and sometimes suicidal risk. At the same time, there is a rising public outcry against police ‘excessive use of force’, or ‘police brutality‘. Recent groundbreaking research in neurobiology illuminates the root cause of this crisis.…