Deborah Silveria, Ph.D.


Deborah Silveria, Ph.D., is both a licensed psychologist and LMFT. She has a private practice in Costa Mesa, CA. affiliated with the Amen Clinics. She is an EMDR Trainer for EMDR/HAP, and EMDR/PT, and trained clinicians in Uganda in EMDR. She is a member of TCTI, an EAP that has over 100 contracts for counseling with Public Safety. She has worked critical incidents nationally and internationally providing CISM services. She has been the Clinical Director of a Non-Profit for Abused Children, Director of an in-patient adolescent psychiatric unit and Head of a Partial Hospitalization program.


Session 211: OOPS! EMDR Clinician Common Errors: Bloopers & Blunders

Presented by Michelle Gottlieb, Psy.D., MFT, LPCC, Deborah Silveria, Ph.D. in Intermediate, Introductory at 11:00 AM on Sunday, September 27th.

Session Description: There are many common errors made by EMDR clinicians. Often therapists are not even aware that they are committing errors. These errors prevent clinicians from being as effective as they could be in working with their clients. Common errors in each of the Eight Phases, Treatment Planning, the Three Prongs and General Practice…