Jonas Tesarz, M.D.


Jonas Tesarz, M.D., is a physician-scientist at the Heidelberg University Hospital. He is researching and publishing internationally in the field of pain research for many years. He is a speaker of the research consortium “Improving outcomes in chronic musculoskeletal“ and principal investigator of the first RCT on EMDR in back pain. He is the writer of the German reference book “Pain Treatment with EMDR” and author of several scientific publications on EMDR in pain therapy. In 2015, he received the “German-Award-for-Pain-Research” for his work on the influence of psychological trauma on pain, in 2018 he was distinguished with the Günter-Jantschek-Research-Award.


Session 312: EMDR in the Treatment of Pain – Underlying Concepts and Current Evidence

Presented by Jonas Tesarz, M.D. in Intermediate, Introductory at 11:00 AM on Saturday, October 3rd.

Session Description: The lecture outlines the use of EMDR in the treatment of chronic pain. In the context of this lecture, we will first address the question of how emotional stress and psychological trauma lead to physical pain, before dealing with the specificities of EMDR in the treatment of chronic pain conditions. Minor modifications of…