Michael Hase, M.D.


Michael Hase, M.D., trained as a psychiatrist and psychotherapist in 1992. He started his EMDR education in 1997. Hase became an EMDR Trainer in 2007. He is teaching EMDR in Germany and Denmark. His areas of expertise are the application of EMDR Therapy on addiction, depression, trauma by somatic disorder/medical procedures. He published or contributed to protocols in these topics and is lecturing in Europe and abroad. Together with Arne Hofmann, he was awarded the Outstanding Research Award by the board of directors of the EMDR International Association in 2015. Hase is a member of the Council of Scholars in the FOET project.


Session 314: The Evolution of EMDR: From Technique to Psychotherapy – Implications for Clinical Practice

Presented by Michael Hase, M.D. in Advanced, Intermediate, Introductory at 11:00 AM on Saturday, October 3rd.

Session Description: Since Dr. Shapiros first publication on EMD the technique evolved to a comprehensive therapy - EMDR Therapy. EMDR Therapy consists of theory (AIP Model), description of a comprehensive therapy and offers different treatment plans as well as a number of techniques for memory processing or resource enhancement. EMDR basic training offers training on…