Canadian Institute of Auricular Medicine (CIAM)

Session time is precious; clients are constantly chasing to find the newest, best treatment; and clinics are in a seemingly endless arms race of modalities.

However, therapists who stop to recognize one of the best tools every client already brings to each session — the ear — use this window to the brain to help resolve complex cases.

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Visual and Audio BLS

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The International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation

The International Society for the Study of Trauma and Dissociation is an international, non-profit, professional association organized to develop and promote comprehensive, clinically effective and empirically based resources and responses to trauma and dissociation and to address its relevance to other theoretical constructs.


About the EMDR Institute

Dr. Francine Shapiro, the creator of EMDR therapy and world-renowned scholar and researcher, founded the EMDR Institute over 30 years ago. She established the training curriculum and stringent vetting process for Institute training and facilitation staff, and her brilliant approach to EMDR therapy continues to be the cornerstone of our institute. Under the expert guidance of our training staff, and while maintaining the fidelity to Dr. Shapiro’s work, the EMDR curriculum is continuously updated to ensure societal relevance in an ever-changing world.


Bi-Tapp is a patented product that is being utilized by mental health therapists for both in-person and Teletherapy sessions. In addition, these Bluetooth tappers are being used as a calming resource for people of all ages.

Providers are overwhelmingly choosing Bi-Tapp and recommending this product to their colleagues and clients for the following reasons:

You get to customize the rate of speed and the rate of intensity of the tapping through the Bi-Tapp App.

Battery life is over 60 hours per charge.

Bi-Tapp has teamed up with to provide therapist controlled bilateral tapping for Teletherapy sessions.

The bilateral tapping closely replicates manual bilateral tapping.


EMDR Professional Training™ is… the comprehensive education provider for EMDR practitioners. Engaging basic training programs, refresher courses, and advanced courses for clinicians at every level. Effective learning environments -- live on-location, virtual, and OnDemand. Essential support through our membership community, certification consultation, and advanced modules for consultants, facilitators, and trainers.


Bumble BLS is a therapist-owned, Los Angeles-based business dedicated to developing innovative bilateral stimulation solutions for both children and adults. The first generation of Buzzies, the signature app-controlled “tappers” from Bumble BLS, is currently in production and a matching EMDR light bar is in development.