Session 225: Healing the Healer: EMDR-IGTP-OTS & Vicarious Trauma in Black Clinicians

Sunday, September 27th


About the Session

Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing Integrative Group Treatment Protocol in Ongoing Traumatic Stress (EMDR- IGTP-OTS) has been studied effectively in Latin communities since 1997 (Jarero, 2010), but not yet with African American communities. As anti-racism awareness grows, a need arises to resource black clinicians who absorb stories of racism from their clients. Previous research focused on preventing secondary trauma in therapists mostly by increasing coping skills. Little research exists on race-related secondary trauma and the treatment of race-related trauma in therapists. These presenters will detail the use of EMDR-IGTP-OTS in decreasing traumatic stress in black clinicians.

Learning Objective 1

Participants will be able to list at least three potential stakeholders in a continuum of care model in order to provide EMDR IGTP-OTS.

Learning Objective 2

Participants will be able to define vicarious trauma, secondary trauma, or secondhand trauma.

Learning Objective 3

Participants will be able to list at least 3 ways to adapt the IGTP-OST model for cultural sensitivity with black clinicians considering ethno-culture and gender.

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