Session 316: The Third Wave: The EMDR Standard Group Protocol, SGP

Saturday, October 3rd

Advanced, Intermediate, Introductory

About the Session

Session Description:

The “First Wave” occurred with the development of the individual standard protocol. This protocol is the foundation of all EMDR practice. The IGTP and G-TEP, both designed for emergency situations, represent the “Second Wave”. Up until now, there has been a “missing protocol” We have needed a group protocol that targets long term memories. The Standard Group Protocol, SGP is that protocol. The standard group protocol represents the “Third Wave” Participants will master the SGP treatment package and be prepared to implement the protocol on Monday morning. The presentation will combine lectures, PowerPoint, video case examples, and open discussion.

Session Moderator: Cheryl Rogers, LPC-S, LMFT-S

Session Discussant: Elan Shapiro, Psy.D.

Learning Objective 1

Participants will be able to identify and implement key features and procedures of the EMDR Standard Group Protocol, SGP, and how the innovation extends and expands EMDR Therapy.

Learning Objective 2

Participants will be able to evaluate the significance of the EMDR Standard Group protocol and the other two group protocols IGTP and G-TEP for scaling up of services and the SUMMARIZE the importance of using the two-tiered screening process that has been built into the Standard Group Protocol for safety. Participants will demonstrate and understand the risks, benefits and ethical considerations necessary for the responsible delivery of EMDR group therapy.

Learning Objective 3

Participants will be able to articulate the need for scaling up of EMDR therapy services in order to BRIDGE the treatment gap and ADDRESS the access problem for marginalized, minority, refugee, immigrant and at-risk populations in the USA, Canada, Europe, Asia, Middle East, Global South and Australia.

Learning Objective 4

Participants will be able to identify the essential differences between individual EMDR work and group EMDR work and the necessary compromises required when learning, introducing and conducting group EMDR Therapy.

CEs Available: 1.5


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