Session 321: Using EMDR with Fragmented Clients: A Protocol for Overcoming Self-Alienation

Saturday, October 3rd

Advanced, Intermediate, Introductory

About the Session

Session Description:

Clients’ trauma-related fragmentation presents challenges for the EMDR therapist when dissociative responses complicate or disrupt trauma processing. The processing may appear to be going smoothly but, despite the apparent success, doesn’t result in resolution and completion for the client. Or the client may become flooded and de-stabilized. Traumatized clients have one body and one mind but can also have many parts holding different trauma responses to the same event. In this workshop, participants will be introduced to a protocol for working with fragmented or dissociatively disordered clients that can enable effective processing of the trauma and facilitate self-compassion.

Learning Objective 1

Participants will be able to identify the signs of fragmentation observed in EMDR processing.

Learning Objective 2

Participants will be able to demonstrate knowledge of each step of the parts protocol.

Learning Objective 3

Participants will be able to describe 3 differences between the standard protocol and the fragmented selves protocol.

Learning Objective 4

Participants will be able to identify indicators of successful processing using the parts protocol.

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