Session 411: EMDR 2.0. An Enhanced Version of EMDR Therapy?

Sunday, October 4th

Advanced, Intermediate

About the Session

Session Description:

In recent years there have been numerous new developments in research on, and the application of, EMDR therapy. Perhaps the most important one is experimental research into the working memory theory. The purpose of this workshop is to gain new inspiration, based upon this knowledge, for the treatment of patients who display high levels of anxiety and dissociation and show limited treatment effects. Effective new applications that vary from modality-specific working memory-taxing techniques to destabilizing memories will be demonstrated through video fragments of treatments in clinical practice with the aim to inspire clinicians to make their EMDR even more effective.

Moderator: Tara May, Ph.D., PLLC

Discussant: Louise Maxfield, Ph.D., CPsych

Learning Objective 1

Participants will be able to describe the working memory theory.

Learning Objective 2

Participants will be able to identify ways to motivate clients for processing memories that have a high level of disturbance.

Learning Objective 3

Participants will be able to describe techniques for enhancing the activation of traumatic memories.

Learning Objective 4

Participants will be able to identify and employ multiple memory-taxing tasks to aid in reprocessing traumatic memories.


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