Session 101: The World of Stories and Symbols: An Introduction to the EMDR-Sandtray Protocol with Complex and Developmental Trauma

Saturday, September 26th


About the Session

Session Description:

The bihemispheric structure of the brain imposes on clinicians the challenge of therapeutically relating and strategically embracing the full biology of the human mind. For clients with developmental injuries, trauma left them in a constant state of physiological activation while unable to verbally tell their life accounts. Sandtray techniques provide distance and an entrance into the unspoken world that lays beneath the aware and conscious mind. This presentation will show how to incorporate Sandtray techniques into the eight phases of EMDR therapy. In addition, it will address how utilizing Sandtray strategies can be a powerful portal into traumatogenic material.

Learning Objective 1

Participants will be able to describe how to utilize Sandtray strategies to gather the client’s history.

Learning Objective 2

Participants will be able to describe how to develop resources during preparation phase using the sand tray protocol, including: Safe-calm-happy place, helpers, and more.

Learning Objective 3

Participants will be able to describe three levels of distance that can be used during processing in the EMDR-Sandtray Protocol.

Learning Objective 4

Participants will be able to describe portals that titrate the entrance into the traumatic memory.

CEs Available: 4